Ruby on Rails Rescues

Let Us Fix Your Ruby on Rails Application

Sound familiar? You have a web application written using Ruby on Rails. You were told it was the best way to get your business running in the Internet. You spent countless thousands of dollars. It used to run pretty well but those days are gone. Or worse, most of the work is done but it’s still not finished and your developer has moved on to other things. Customers are complaining they can’t access or site or it’s so slow they can’t finish their order.

You don’t have time for these kinds of problems. You’re not a programmer, you are just trying to run your business. You just want what you were promised and see your vision come to fruition.?You need someone who can listen, diagnose and fix problems fast.

  1. Is your web site slow? As a web site ages and more and more data is added, it can slow down..this is common but measures can be taken to handle the load.
  2. Need a developer to maintain and support it? You paid to have a custom web application but you can’t find a reliable resource to help move it forward.
  3. Does your web site crash? Your users are telling you they can’t use your website and get repeated errors. ?They aren’t going to pay you for your product or service if they can’t use it.
  4. Your application is falling apart and you don’t know where to start? This is common. ?You just want help and real answers because you have a business to run.

We’ve helped many businesses in your situation and I’d like the chance to help yours. We are a group of professional Ruby on Rails developers with years of solid experience.

Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions you have about the problems you’re facing. We are always happy to discuss your options.