Your small to medium sized business has unique needs. Still River Software has the skill and experience to create customized web application solutions to address those needs.

Work with us. We’ll listen to your business goals, and collaborate
with you to produce a high-quality software solution tailored to
help you achieve them.

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    Web Application Development

    Still River Software uses state-of-the art techniques to construct your customized web solution. We use Microsoft ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC as well as the Ruby on Rails framework in much of our development, but choose the right tool for the job. We use the tool that best fits your environment, the environment you have today.Learn More.

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    Project Rescue

    When you have a project that did not going exactly according to plan, we are here to help. If you have a project which is just not working or not providing the value intended, talk to us about it. Learn More.

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    Best Practice and Software Design Consulting

    We can help get your project get off-the-ground, whether you need help choosing an application platform or need guidance for design of your application, our years of expertise can help. Learn More.


  • Dead simple email newsletters. Tired of how hard it is just to reach out to your customers? We are and we're making so easy you will be excited to interact with them.

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  • PalettePro

    Often times as a home owner trying find a perfect color to match that Spring flower for the new paint for your daughter's bedroom, or as a web designer trying to match your client's logo color..Palette Pro has the answer.

    Palette Pro is a simple utility that runs on your iOS device and uses its camera to scan and match colors.

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  • Note-It

    When you're browsing the web from your iOS device, reading the news in your favorite news app or wanting to get that photo to your email, Note-It is right there to help out. Create a new note and paste in anything you want, hit Send...and it will appear in your Inbox in no time.

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